Bitcoin mining How is it done?

One of the hot markets for buying and selling these days in Iran is in the digital currency. The most famous Bitcoin digital currency is that it can be extracted through various ways. Bitcoin mining is by no means possible with Android, PC or Android phones and iOS. Required to be extracted for special mine devices called Aceks.

One of the most famous models in Iran is the Bit Minh Series Anti-Miner, which has different prices. Many sites and stores sell these devices at an affordable price. In this article, we examine Bitcoin mining. The time for this article is 13 minutes.

What is Bitcoin?

It's been a lot of fans in Iran for many years, and we hear about it every day. Bitcoin (Bitcoin) is a digital currency and a global payment system with similar functions of paperless money. But no legal country has recognized it as legal money. Technically, Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. Because it works without the central bank or the central manager. This peer network is peer-to-peer and transactions are executed directly and without intermediaries between users.

Over the past few years, the value of bitcoin in global markets has risen from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. The number of service companies and businessmen who accept bitcoin is also increasing. Nobody owns the bitcoin network, and like emails, these are Bitcoin users who control it. Bitcoin applications are not available on any other payment system.

How do you end up with the story?

Getting started with the most important part of the tutorial, after preparing the device and choosing the wallet of the bitcoin (teaching it separately). To extract bitcoin or any other digital currency, you must connect to a pool of extraction. The extraction pool is a virtual site where collectors gather and all work to extract a block. In this way, each miner or extractor utilizes its processing power.

Without joining a swimming pool, the chance is that you will have a very small block for mines and only large extraction farms will work independently. You must select one of the bitcoin extraction pools and by visiting the official site, find the settings needed to set up your device. Mini machines, especially the new ones, have a simple interface. Setting up the ASIC extraction devices is like launching an adsl modem and it's done in a few clicks.

Concluding remarks

If you risk taking risks in life, choose this method for earning money because the digital currency market is subject to global fluctuations and thus internal fluctuations. So, before you spend on an out-of-pocket device, be sure to count the amount of returning capital and the time taken to arrive at a reasonable income by using a digital currency calculator to avoid losses.

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